Yolanda Hadid Didn’t Let Gigi Hadid Eat Her Birthday Cake

The supermodels’ mom is still being judged for her behavior.

Yolanda Hadid’s lousy habit of restricting her daughters is a well-known fact. A single video on the Internet makes the situation even worse.

A YouTube user once posted a two-minute video of Yolanda forbidding her daughter to eat the birthday cake. The short clip represented all the private moments when a mother would torture her children for the sake of beauty standards. The only positive thing was Gigi trying to convince her parent to allow at least a little of the sweets.

“This is the hardest for being on our diet. Gigi’s in charge of her own diet. But to be on your best weight, you gotta make the right choices.”

“I have to have a bite for good luck though.”